Monday, December 7, 2009


there's the thing you sould knw im not the person like i use to be,being nice totally not my thing anymore.plss loser tell evryone that im a bitch plss.i just get tired of your atitude!you should tell evryone in college that im a slut and biatch! go ahead do what ever you wanna do.i knw at some point guy always hang out with me and thats make you hate me even more and im sorry for being sorry for being a person that i knw what u use to be my friend why this thing happen?now i knw who the real is just stupid slut that always feel insecure that's you and im glad that i realize tht :) but ppl seem believe in you but you knw what it doesnt break me a lil.actually the thing you have told ppl thats not me but that you,you are the slut,you are the bitch,you are the loser,and you are always keep hating other ppl.

one thing i wanna say get a life loser!!:)