Monday, May 25, 2009

story about a girl

This start 1991 dec of 29th.The war of painful inside of her mother body has ended but experiment of her life just getting started and her life just like lab rat to her.Since she was little kid she always plan her future but the future always changing in the largest way by smallest thing.The 5' 3" girl just graduated from Secondary School and will further her study by !1st July 2009 at Multimedia College proceed her life being a student of art and to created a world with creative new idea of life and being on top of the world with her mind.One day she want to sell her skill but not by her looks and body.Najah Syahirah the name of an Asian girl with full-black eyes and yellow-white skin she being proud of to what she have no matter what people keep saying bout her.

Being anonymous is what she do best,she not look for famous but looking for inner peace and being appreciated of her love one.The next stop of her life is being a student in Kuala Lumpur by her self alone.The words "scared" never ended from her mind but she must make that place a empty stage and made her own scripts.Even though,the sun in her bedroom and ordinariness isn't the only thing she have to fight against her house she will miss the most but she have to leave from "save" place and walk alone in this world for fight to learn to be the greatest person.Last year she suffer from Depression of her life, she manage pull her self together and still stand up straight and walk with two feet with a help from her parents and her friends and now she brave enough to stand up alone to walk in this disgusting , cruel with full of lust that we call "world".

Now she swore "i never end my life without nothing in my hand".She see this world such a beautiful place to stay even many time she been mocking ,push until her face being stomp on the floor she will never apologize and never give up, just being tankful of her life she been given from GOD.....

&&The rest of story still been written because that girl is me :)

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  1. congrate & gudluck :D

    prnh dlu ku ingin ke MMU, tp xksmpaian..hehe
    b sure to continue that gurl's story :D