Sunday, May 31, 2009

stupid me

the nite u spend time with me....
u touch my face..
u hug me
u say
"i syg sgt sgt kt u.i xnk tggl kn u plz pecaye kt i".

the moment i want the world stop spinning
stop evrything
just be with him again :(

im always afraid of losing you
always afraid of loving you
always afraid of touching you
always afraid of hurting you

i shade my tears that nite
bcoz i knw how stupid im
didnt believe in any ur words
and im sorry for the thing i've done to hurt u

syg i love you more than i u knw
syg i love you only God knw how much
syg i love you bcuz u r my evrything
syg i love you bcuz u part of my life

MUHD SABIQ i love u :(

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