Friday, May 8, 2009

ur EX SUCK!!

just breaking up with ur lover?
NO worry!!
just start a new life
let me show u how :)

  • DELETE ur EX-lover num
  • DELETE their pic :)
  • trow away all ur memories with him/her
  • ADD a new HOTZZZZ guy/girl in the town!!!:D

  • put sum make-up on ur face(for girl)
  • buy a new dress or pants tht show a lil skin!!!:D
  • FLIRT with EVERYONE bold tht one hahaha
  • do one think tht u never think u can do (i bet u will be surprise of the result!;)

Now u have new dress and clothes.SO go party with ur buddies just make sure ur EX be there to so u can show them u have move on!!! u dont need them they suck!!!! they have chosen the other way so FUCK IT!!and one thing NEVER-EVER apologize for giving the best in ur relationship and dont u ever keep contact with ur EX tht a major NO-NO-NO

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