Wednesday, September 23, 2009

life huh!

Actually, i've deleted my myspace and facebook :)
its too much drama here and there..
its for my relationship for God sake.
i love him more than anything.. :)

my life rite now hv tooo much drama..
well yesterday sabiq almost getting KILL by a treler i mean lorry
i get pretty scared almost get a heart attack!!
i cry and thinking how can i live without him.. :(
so he say he sorry..
but as always its not good enough for me.
cuz im nothing without him.

and bout my "so-call-BESTFREND"
now i living with her in the same house..
and now dia baru keluar tandok di kepala DONGA dia!!
dia cakap pada all my guy fren that im a slut
plus im very very mean girl
that sleep with all guy!!
well hello if u wanna see what kind da biatch i am so come and get mess with me.!!

i dont wanna think bout tht anymore i have lots and lots assgmnt to do.
well i will show u my assgmnt
its still working progress..:)
all in adobe photoshop cs3

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