Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Heart Two Soul

kanape aku letak picture bestfriend aku? Suka hati aku lah blog aku :D

well actually i love her more than everything.In friend's world i thought i will never have "THE" bestfriends just like her.Dis is damn cruel world u be lucky if u ever meet someone just like her.U see im so lucky to be her friend.One thing i knew i would do,that is i will die to protect her in any harm :) plus i will do anything to show my appreciation to her. I know everything bout her but still i like her.

You are the best friend I could have ever asked for.
Beautiful on the inside and out, there was never any doubt.
You're the sunshine in my life when it decides to pour.
Always and forever, best friends and always together.

My life is so much better with you here for me.
I know you're there, and we are a unique pair.
When it's dark, you're the only light I can ever see.
I'd be lost if I lost you, you say you feel the same, too.

I know I can come to you with any problems I have.
You chase my worries away, each and every day.
Of this perfect friendship, I'm only one half.
You complete my life, and remove all of my strife.

To lose you would be like losing everything.
I will be by your side, fighting the waves and tides.
For you I would do pretty much anything.
You'll be my best friend, until the very end


  1. awww .. best nyer ada best friend mcm syiera .. uncle nak sorang leh tak?

  2. hehe .. mana nak carik? tlg carikkan .. huhuhu best ni~~

  3. uncle nie miang gak ye...hahahaha

    syiera sayang fren2 syiera ea???
    ok arr tu... heheh.. :P

  4. mmg lah sygg
    sygg sgt2!!

    bia la die miang pown mukan ngn sape~
    ngn syiera gak~
    welk ;p

  5. weyh
    sayang kau gile giler gileeee laaa!!!!!!