Saturday, April 11, 2009


hye bloggers;
sorri lame x update my blog msti bosan kan ngn blog lame i~:)
well lots of thing, i mean really THE BIGGEST thing are happen to my life lately~
rase mcm nk kill myself jew sbb mende yg happen mukan kecik~....firstly lets talk about college.I akan bla ke sane pada 1julai nie.I dh pon dpt msok MMC(multimedia college) amik diploma of creative new media x sangke dan terlintas di minda boleh jadi budak art~ hahaha..seriously~!! so my daddy just support in evrything i like and can do~so i really appreciated what he hv done here..most likely or eventually dia slalu marah but now dia a bit more open minded sikit~ well after all its im the one that gonna pay my PTPN and this my life we talk about..what mostly i like about this college is dia tengah bandar haha senang nk merayap mcm x cukup tanah
but i thing i get pretty bz with all the assignment kot haha IDK but still i ade deep feeling bout that anyway this cost really suit my soul in every way~ when i was really in depression,i always express myself in drawing ,painting & making sumthing in a pieces of paper..i thing rite now i can make money of it..ok and other thing is about my brother i thing its really personal but i have to let it get out of my mind!!!dia nk tukar religion menjadi ATHESIS. !!
u can click and find out ur self..and my dad bawa dia pergi jumpe kaunsler~ huh lame2 hilang lah tuh.. well i dont want to talk about this cuz im a muslim and i malu dgn abg yg menjadi murtad huh~well that is about now...i dh seday sgt nk ckp lame2 ok if u hv any idea mcm mne nk pulihkandie plzz jgn malu comments ok? :)

see ya ;D


  1. nk pulihkan susah skit :)

    jz kene show him and make him believe in the existance of god ..


    susahnyer nak burak ngan syeira kat ym kn

  2. hell dasyat tu..
    hope he'll choose the rite pathway..

  3. shah disini pun lama gile xupdate blog...
    skang final ni...