Monday, April 13, 2009


i miss my life being myself not afraid to cry,to having big laugh,having time to be alone and having nervous breakdown..
but now i have to be a fake doll.
just have to pretend..
smiling and everything will work out..
i feel like im having one big hole in my life
its empty...

Today i feel really afiq baru je balik tadi.i miss him.even he is my ank buah but i sygg die.!!and i still byk mende i perlu buat.tapi rite now everything i buat semuenyer x betol..semuenyer slh.i rase x sedap hati.huh hari nie i btol2 seday sgt~i xtau knp?.....
i need my space to be alone..
Tapi..i rase nk main buaian :)
sbb bile i swing i rase everything yg buat i stress semuanyer akan hilang huh~i need that feeling again..


  1. wow .. swing laju2 .. best nyer main buai :)

  2. tmpt i nye buaian dh ranap la..
    bdk2 jahanamkn..
    nk men kt ne nie..?