Saturday, June 6, 2009


smlm best sgt :D
ina dtg umah then mlm kiteorg kua g tgk wayg hahaha
3D babe!! :)
best :D

citew monster vs alien :D
cite mmg kelaka abis ;p

then ina beli earing for our friendship ni ha comel siot

pastu balik umah pe lagi
snap pic byk2 mcm ape nth
lastly end up ngn pic yg menawan !! ;p

actually i dh lame x sehappi mcm nie :(
last g sunway lagoon tuh happi sikit je
tapi bile nan ina smlm mmg happi gile
x tao asl

well arini happi sikit ngn sabiq
sbb kiteorg kua dari pukul 6 smpi 8lebih
g mkn tuh jew
i knw he love me
but sumtimes i dont want to knw
i hate it
bcoz i love him too
but i dont want it!!
im afraid of loving sumone
im afraid to losing sumone

ya i knw im always build a great-wall of china in front of me
so no one will climb up to take my heart away~
but he does dat bcuz he love me
but he always hurt me

why do ppl do that thing?

why do u want to love me but hurt me?

why i should love sumone like u?

but i always do~
i always and 4ever love u

u r not my evrything but my only thing i have~


  1. happy ya dpt outing bersama teman


  2. haha..its me its mee
    batak sial minah ne haha