Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the thing that happen today

besok adelah hari NAJAH SYAHIRAH akan pergi membuat jpj test buahahahahaha!!!

kegilaan mendatang ;D

takot x penah hilang d hati :)

tapi ape yg daku boleh buat hny tawakal :)

itu pesan ibunda padaku :D

ily mommy :D

hahaha harini i telah buat sumthing yg SALAH!
tidak itu rahsia :D
hanya ALLAH and ina saja tau
bile i cakap ngn ina an sume mende hilang

bila salah jadi ok balik :)

bila sakit jadi baik :)

bile suke jadi lebih gembira :D

bile sedih jadi happy ;)

bile mara jadi rede :p

xtao lah die paling baik bagi i :)
she say tht im her evrything but she knw she's to me is my comfy world..
she knw i love her more tht anything.
she knw evrything i feel
ily :D

well now evrything bout me and my boyfie back to normal
i give him more space
more trust
more evrything
i love him
and he knw it
and i knw he love me too
that's good enough 4 me~

i knw sumtime we always fight over stupid thing~
and me doesnt always understand u
plus im always bugging u with stupid question tht i already knw the answer
and u always use @##$%@^ words :D
but deep down in my heart i want u to knw
i always gonna love u
and forever i will.....
no matter what i say or do
i still love u :)


  1. i lovee you sayang
    seriously i dont care about your lifestyle
    its YOU that matters to me..
    always remember that
    cuz i know you're too good for me..
    aku syg gile kat kau.egt tau..
    sabiq bengong
    jage syiera betol2 la bodoh
    lucky gile kau dpt die
    cuz i can see how much she cry for you..